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What made you want to write?
I would like to say that my mother’s creativity first spurred me to begin creative works with just about anything, whether that was crochet, art, writing, reading, singing or dancing. She was a very creative and talented person. My mother often had her hands into something and molded, as a chrysalis molds a caterpillar into a butterfly, into a new and fresh item.

How long have you been writing fiction?
            I have been writing fiction since high school, which was about nine years now, give or take. Of course English classes in grade school did keep me busy with creative writing in journals and I also spent time in and out of journalism classes.

Do you write anything else?
            Everything I write would be classified as Fiction, but to be more detailed I like to dabble in light romance, experiment with science fiction; traveling to the outer reaches of distant planets where who knows what is thriving. I enjoy painting a fantasy with the many words of the English language just to see the faces that people reading my works might make; the reaction when the nemesis might have the upper hand or when the hero or heroine nearly dies or in fact does die.

What is your preferred genre and why?
            I must say that though my favorite genre to read is Fantasy I seem to write more in the area of science fiction simply because it is based on another planet instead of on Earth. Now, if science fiction has to include epic battles in outer space in ships with blasters like Star Wars or Enders Game then those are not what I write about, but rather what goes on on the planet that our main characters are currently spending their time.
            The way characters, races and species look, sound, feel, smell and act in fantasy envelopes my senses in such a way I just can’t tear myself from them. The way J.K. Rowling merged the world of the muggles with the world of the wizards was ingenious. Though, J.R.R. Tolkien overly elaborated in many ways, his in depth detail in every race and cultures, actions and thoughts, even lore and language was impressive without a doubt. Finally, the creative ingenuity of Laurel K. Hamilton with the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Chronicles, Bruce Coville with the Unicorn Chronicles, and Julie Kagawa’s series are only a few of many examples of inspiring authors that work hard to create that brilliant spark in all of us. So I do prefer fantasy over the stereotypical 
            However, there are plenty of things to love about science fiction as well. Some of which include, but aren’t limited to, exploring places the human race has never even imagined before, taking trips to far away planets and battling to the very last breath in the unforgettable action packed space wars.

 What is your muse?
My first inspiration to write came from my parents. Both told me to do something in my life that I liked and to not give up on my dreams. Aside from wanting to have many different careers later on in life, I also wanted to write. After doing a bit of creative writing in classes when I was supposed to be learning history or some other subject poorly taught by a hand me down teacher, I decided I really liked writing.

What other interests do you have?
            Other than writing, I like reading, creating different things such as art or crafts in some way, crochet isn’t bad, I like to play computer games and Magic: the Gathering, also sometimes if enough people are around I’ll bring out the board games.

What type of music do you like?
Basically any kind of genre of music I enjoy in some way, though I don’t appreciate death metal or some types of rap as much as other music. What I really enjoy to listen to are Mannheim Steamroller, Soundtracks from my favorite movies, Celtic or Irish folk music, Daft Punk and many more.

Have you ever had an incredible vacation you will never forget?  If so, tell us about it.
I’ve never had an incredible vacation as of yet, but I do remember going to Six Flags over Texas with my parents when I was younger. It was always a fun day, filled with laughture, screams and theme park food as well as long waits, hurting feet and a blazing hot sun beaming down on us. There was one time we rode on the river rapids ride and right as we were passing through a rocky ravine a woman with a large bucket of COLD water from above drenched my mom and dad. That made me laugh and even now I smile at the memory.

What are some of your favorite movies or books?
Some of my favorite movies are The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, while favorite books include 101 Dalmations the classic version, and The Last Unicorn.

Is there anything else you would like your audience to know about you? What makes you special?
I am a very creative person, and while I don’t have ADD or ADHD I am very easily amused and distracted. My mind goes across the universe in 1.5 seconds and in another moment it’s gone somewhere else before someone or something brings me back to reality. I believe I’m a level headed person with an open mind. I’m fairly social, though I don’t go to public places as often as I probably should.

What is your next book and when do you expect it to be published with us?
My next book will more than likely be done and edited within three years give or take. I’m not sure when I will get it published as I’m very particular about critiquing my works however I am enjoying writing it. My next book is about a teenage girl that gets transported from Earth to another planet. In order to find her way back home she has to team up with native aliens in order to retrieve a stolen crystal that will allow her safe passage back to Earth. Along the way she makes new friends, finds love, and pushes through many perilous situations where her life and recently built relationships are on the line.

Wonderful Interview!  Thanks so much for sharing your art with our publishing company  
Ciara Lake

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