Sunday, 4 August 2013


I'm the one in the purple tie, holding the trumpet!
How long have you been writing music? 
For the last three years while I have attended Otterbein University in Ohio.  I like to compose for piano, electronic music, and ethnic instruments, and percussion.  I play the piano, trumpet, banjo, Native American flute, guitar, mandolin, and various percussion instruments. 
How long have you been interested in music? 
I started taking lessons on various instruments since I was in the fourth grade.  I owe great thanks to my several wonderful teachers.  Since then my interests has only grown until it brought me to the steps of a University.   
Do you have any special education in music?
Yes, I was fortunate enough to receive instruction as a child in several different instruments.  Currently, I attend Otterbein University. I am a music major in their music department. 
What music interests you the most?
Jazz music is my first musical passion.  I enjoy jam sessions with my colleagues and have  been in several jazz ensembles. Trumpet is my primary instrument. 
Do you write books too?
Yes, I am attempting to pen a mystery novel.  I'm working on it right now.  I hope to have it done this year.  I'd hoped to be done sooner.  But, it is more of a challenge than first anticipated.  Nevertheless,  I hope to get it finished and be fortunate to have it published, maybe by Midnight Frost Books. I am writing under a pen name. 
What do you do in your free time?
I have three dogs.  Two who live at my house and one who lives at my grandparent's farm.  I like to spend time outside on the farm helping my grandfather.  I enjoy making music :), going to the movies, Star Trek reruns, camping with my family, gaming with my brother, and spending time with my friends and family. 
Thank you Michael for participating in our staff interviews.  He is a very talented young man.  Please enjoy our VLOG and take notice of the music we have to go along with the visual. The music was composed by Michael.  We will at times feature other VLOGS with background music. 
Our publishing company strives to create a complete artistically pleasing atmosphere for our readers.  CFB and MFB intend to offer a well-rounded experience to all.
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