Wednesday, 14 August 2013


A Dual Celebration
During the celebration of Crimson Frost Books’ launch, I’m celebrating something besides the launch and my book, 11 Month Inn. I’m also celebrating the birthday of the love of my life, my wife, Marie.

I always feel that my characters come from my own head and heart, my own imagination. But it often happens that I look at one of them and realize I see Marie has found her way into the story.

She may be the heroine, or she may be a supporting cast member, but she’s frequently there.

She is seldom a victim. Marie is a very strong person. But she is also very feminine. Her strength is not the strength of a man; it is the strength, more powerful in many ways, of a woman.

Yet she can be vulnerable. She doesn’t always want to be. Sometimes she doesn’t like to be. But she is often at her best when she lets her guard down, and I am thrilled that she trusts me enough to do so with me.

If you want a glimpse of Marie, look at the character of Peri in my novel “Eve’s Thieves,” set for release from Midnight Frost Books later this year. To see her, ignore the physical description. To find her, pay no attention to the story’s more fantastic elements. Look instead to Peri’s strength, and her need to be strong to carry her teammates and friends through a time of crisis. Look at the moments when she lets her tender side out or lets emotions through. I look at those, and I see Marie, waving. “Hi, Mac! I got in another of your stories!”

I think I like writing strong women in part because Marie is one. My understanding of love is better for her being in my life.

So, I’m celebrating both the birth of Crimson Frost Books and the birthday of my love. All in all, I think both are well worth the party!
Thanks, Mac Rome, for this very romantic blog entry,
Happy Birthday to your lovely wife and Happy Birthday to CFB too!
Thanks for Reading,
Celeste and Patricia


  1. What a wonderful, sweet, sentiment. The cake doesn't look too bad either! It's nice to work alongside you at Crimson Frost, Mac.

  2. What a wonderful post to share with us Mac. Its heartening today to see such a steady thread of love! Looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership! Congrat's on the upcoming releases.

  3. Congrats on the upcoming release! Super sweet feature on many levels.