Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Hi lovely friends!
I’m Calida Ally, one of, Crimson Frost Books, authors.
Love. What a beautiful, beautiful word. I have always been fond of the word but the moment I really understood its true meaning was, when I picked up my very first ‘grown up’ romance book at the age of twelve. That was the moment I fell in love with the word and all it encompasses.
After reading many, many fantastic romance novels, I found that I too wanted to write about sexy heroes and feisty heroines.  With it nearly being Valentine’s Day, if I may, I’d like talk a little about my debut novel, ‘Chara’s Song’.
Thanks to the very wonderful, Crimson Frost Books, ‘Chara’s Song’ will be coming out soon! Woohoo! I have seen the cover for Chara’s Song and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! I can’t wait to share it with you all!
 If you love sexy singers, romance, conflict and a whole lot of sizzle between the Hero and Heroine then I’m sure you’ll enjoy ‘Chara’s Song’. Here is a little teaser from ‘Chara’s Song’
The potency of the sexual energy which sparked between them made it almost impossible for her to breathe. Did he have this effect on every woman? She wondered as she waited for his response.
“Are you in some sort of a hurry, Miss Bennett?” he asked lazily, not answering the question she had put to him.
If that piqued your interest, you’ll be able to read the whole book when it’s released!
Thank you to everyone for their very kind, continuous support!

Happy Valentine’s Day! J


  1. Calida I can't wait to see your cover and read the book!