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How long have you been an editor?  What type of books do you like to edit best? 
I have been an editor (both paid and not) since 2011. My favorite manuscripts to edit are fantasy or supernatural pieces, but I also love to read, so every book's a thrill.  
What made you decide to be an editor?
As much as I love to read, I also like to help and encourage other authors. By editing, I can fulfill both desires. Plus, I learn something new from every book I read.
Are you an author too? Tell us about some of your books, where can we get them?  If not tell us about your other creative talents. 
 I write in my spare time, mainly short stories, but I'm also working on a couple novels. So far this year, I've sold nine short stories to various anthologies.
Do you have favorite authors?  Who and why do you like their work especially?  
My favorite authors are Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, George R.R. Martin, and Joe Hill. I love darker stories with troubled, complicated characters and dream-like qualities.
What do you do in the time you are not writing or editing, for fun or for any other career you may have?
I also crochet and enjoy baking, though I hate having to clean up afterward.
What do you enjoy reading?
I mostly read fantasy and horror, but am always willing to try something new, especially if friends or family recommend it.
Tell us about your hobbies or activities you enjoy doing with your family or friends?
I often enjoy playing role playing games and visiting craft breweries with friends, or spending the day at a dog park with family.
What movies or music do you enjoy?
I prefer tightly plotted thrillers over explosions-and-one-liner action movies, and tend to gravitate toward poetic indie music.  
Tell us anything else about you which may be of interest to our readers.  I am sure there are a lot of things.  Tell us something.
 I'm a huge fan of BBC programming, especially Doctor Who and Sherlock.
Bravo, another excellent interview.  I have to say, I enjoy many of the things Shenoa enjoys.  Again, we have some real fabulous people in our group with varied interests.  Patricia and I really appreciate all of our team members. 
Thanks for reading,
Celeste and Patricia

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