Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hey all, welcome to the insanity! I'm Diane Taylor!

Hey all, welcome to the insanity!
My name is Diane Taylor and my speciality is writing Paranormal Romances. Okay, they're more adventure than Romance, but I'm not picky.
What is Paranormal Romance?  Put it this way, I write about things that go bump in the night and the men and women who love them. When I answer it in that context people go "Ooooohhh... supernatural stuff. Okay, got it."
I've been officially writing since 2003 and I've been through many different publishers. But I never lost sight of what I am and what I can do. I know I'm not going to be another Rice, Kenyon, Lacky or Hamilton. Fact is, I don't want to.  That would require me to start coming out of my cave every now and again. :D
I recently signed on with Crimson Frost after they did a couple events on Facebook and an E-mail list I was on.  Suddenly, Mystique Rogue, one of my favorites that I enjoyed writing, found a new home.
Sneak a peek at the other titles while you're at it and come check out my blog when you get the chance.