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What type of books do you like to edit best?  My favorite types of books to edit or review are paranormal or fantasy/sci-fi romances. For the last year-and-a-half or so, I have enjoyed the M/M subgenre of romance, often when mixed with paranormal, fantasy, or sci-fi elements. I review and edit under the pen name Ann Roberts. I review books on several sites (see below) as well as on my blog Sporadic Musings: Ann Roberts’ Blog 

How long have you been an editor?  What made you decide to be an editor?
 Although this is my first true editing position, I have been editing other people’s work in some capacity for years. My dual majors are English with a concentration in literature and Humanities-Classics with a concentration in Latin. I helped fellow students edit their drafts of papers during college, and later became an English and Latin high school teacher where my love of grammar and the written word encouraged my students to write and speak better. Since I have always enjoyed reading books and English grammar has always been fun for me, I thought becoming an editor would be a wonderful use of my strengths.   

Are you an author too? Tell us about some of your books, where can we get them?  If not tell us about your other creative talents.
 Other than reviews, I have been dabbling in writing my own paranormal stories, both M/F and M/M. I have yet to polish anything well enough to submit it for publication, but I hope to become published one day. 

What do you do in the time you are not writing or editing, for fun or for any other career you may have?
I currently am not teaching, but I tutor high school and college students in subjects such as ACT prep, reading, English, writing, algebra, and history. I enjoy writing reviews for other book lovers under my pen name on sites such as NetGalley, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Goodreads.

What do you enjoy reading?
I honestly read a little bit of everything from children’s literature to all types of adult fiction to memoirs. My favorite type of story currently is something M/M or M/F/M.

Tell us about your hobbies or activities you enjoy doing with your family or friends?
I love camping and hiking in the mountains, canoeing with my husband and friends, and volunteering at my son’s elementary school or the local humane society. I also love visiting new restaurants with my friends—especially that offer Mediterranean cuisine—whenever I visit their different cities since my more rural home isn’t close to many eateries. Most of my free time is actually spent, though, working on our property in Southeastern Kentucky and taking care of my six-year-old son. Since I originally grew up in a suburb of Ohio, my husband and our neighbors have taught me lots of fun skills like chopping wood (without taking off my foot) and animal husbandry (yes, I talk to chickens!). I enjoy canning and preserving food from our garden and keeping alive many historic varieties of flowers with my husband’s grandmother. When we get time to ourselves without our son, my husband and I love practicing our marksmanship skills (my favorite gun is my .38 special). I love large-breed dogs, like my current German Shepherd, and Siamese cats!

What movies or music do you enjoy?
I enjoy lots of different music, especially when dancing, but my favorite to listen to is country.
Thanks Ann for this insightful interview.  It is great to get to know our growing staff and for our readers to know who is behind the scenes in making our great books greater. 
Thanks for Reading,
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