Monday, 29 July 2013


What made you want to write?
            I don’t know if there was ever a conscious “choice” to write. It’s something that came as naturally to me as speaking or breathing. Communication is life to me, and writing is another part of communication. But, writing creative fiction is more than that, it’s a way to give voice to dreams, and visions, and even the innermost wishes we have in some cases. I think that’s especially true of romance writers, they create loving relationships that are sometimes a little bit larger than life, because in an ideal world we might all live a bit “larger” than we do bogged down in the real world. Anything that helps us escape stress and worry is a good thing. I like to think of my stories as entertainment, and I would like to think that perhaps while involved in a story, the reader is taken to a nicer place for awhile. 

How long have you been writing fiction? Do you write anything else?
            I’ve been writing fiction for just over 30 years, and professionally since 2004. I’ve also started writing my first non-fiction book this year, it’s a short writer’s guide called “Publishing Etiquette in the 21st Century” and will deal with a lot of the issues I’ve discussed on my blogs the past couple of years. There is a huge trend in the industry and among some readers where it’s become very clear that people are only half-reading, and it leads to misinterpretation, and often annoying lack of consideration for publishers. So, apart from the years of experience, a lot of it is common sense and observation. I have no idea if I’ll ever publish the book, but we’ll see.
            I’ve done script-writing at times, as well, and for several years I was doing a serialized story as the official author for the American Motorcycle Company, AMC1902. Currently I own an online magazine with two wonderfully talented ladies, and we’re now 4 years old and internationally read, with downloads in the thousands. Our rates are very affordable to all authors, and we publish quarterly. ALL our issues are free PDF downloads, and every issue is available in the Archives of the site: 

What is your preferred genre and why?
            I don’t know if I have a preferred genre, which is why I write in so many different genres, and often mix things up so stories are multi-genre. I get bored with too much of the same thing, and if I’m bored, I assume my readers will be bored, too. I do a lot of paranormal, but I also adore historical, fantasy, contemporary action thrillers, so it’s really whatever appeals to me. Stories come to me from everywhere, and they tend to tell me where we’re going to live for the duration of the writing process. For example, I’ve signed contracts with both Midnight Frost Books and Crimson Frost Books. With MFB my first short novella is a political thriller. At CFB, the first contract is for what will be a three part epic fantasy quest, with an erotic touch to it. 

Where do you get ideas from regarding characters and or plots?
            Ideas are everywhere, in every scent, every image, every overheard word. I’ve had entire stories present themselves from the lyrics of a song, or an image I see online somewhere. I walk next to the ocean at times, and suddenly I’m hearing pirate tales… it really never ends. I carry a notebook with me, and have one beside my bed, because I make notes and revisit later. 

What is your muse?
            I think my muse is my spiritual voice. She’s the voice of ancient memory and vision that wants to be heard.

What other interests do you have that you would like to share with your audience?
            Like everything else in my life, I have very diverse interests. I love old films, jazz music, researching, walking, planning dreams trips to the three countries in the world I would love to visit. I’m studying Italian, and I love to bake. There’s magic in everything if you look for it, and life is the greatest gift any of us will ever receive, so I try to enjoy it all. Good or bad, it’s all part of living and learning. 

What type of music do you like? Do you like to dance? What other art forms are you interested in?
            I like all kinds of music, but mostly I like jazz, romance music, classical. I used to listen to a lot of rock and roll, but not so much in recent years. Most of my popular music loves are from the 80s and 90s. Rod Stewart is a huge favourite, Michael Bolton, Richard Marx, Matt Dusk, and from Italy I love the music of Emanuele Dabbono, and Riccardo Foresi.
            I don’t dance at all, though I always wished I could learn ballroom dancing. Maybe one day, who knows? Never say never. I enjoy painting and drawing, but I’m not much of a craft person, I admit. Live theatre is wonderful, and photography is something I admire a lot, too. Some people have an amazing eye for capturing images.

What are some of your favorite movies or books?
            Favourite movies are easy, Gone With The Wind is my all time favourite, followed closely by Casablanca, and The Maltese Falcon. More modern film would be Van Helsing, Pirates of the Caribbean, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.’
            Books would be GWTW, of course. The Sword of Shannara was my first taste of fantasy and hooked me totally. I’m currently reading a lot of inspirational writing, and The Conversations With God set of books is incredible. In romance, I’m a huge fan of Lara Adrian, Lori Foster, and my wonderful friend Lucy Monroe. There are just SO many great books!!

Is there anything else you would like your audience to know about you? What makes you special?
            Now that is a tough question! Special is unique to each of us, isn’t it? I’m just a hard-working author who loves people, and has tremendous respect for the craft of writing. I strive to learn and improve all the time, because there is never really a point when you know all there is to know about writing–the day you believe that is the day you need to retire.
            If I have a special talent for anything, I think it’s in communicating and caring about people. I help where I can, encourage people to pursue their dreams, and to keep reaching out for new things. Life is a special gift, and if we spend it always wrapped up in ourselves we miss the best part of the gift. I do my best to make time for people, no matter what’s happening in my own world. 

What is your next book or books with us? Tell us about them.
            My first book with Midnight Frost Books is a thriller set in the late 80s when the clear and present danger was the Soviet Union. The story is called Defector, and it’s about a hard-core career agent who’s got a reputation for having a heart of stone. But, he’s got a few friends from the game who haven’t given up on him, and in a past operation, the first chink in his armour gave him a weakness. That comes back into play when the son of one of his friends lands in the middle of his takedown of a scientist who’s attempting to defect with top secret plans. In what he considers later a moment of madness, Andrew Dahle chooses to save the young man’s life, gets shot for his trouble, and his target escapes. The story is how the mission is salvaged, with a little help from his friends.
            My first book with Crimson Frost Books is the first of a set of three, The Triad of Power: First Quest. This title was released a couple of years back as Royal Consort, but has been revised, and will now open the trilogy, or Triad, of stories. Three magical swords, and a shared destiny are the core of the book, and two of the three swords are carried by the lovers who are essentially the hero and heroine. The quest involves magic, wizards, dying gods, and a lot of adventure. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I hope readers will, too.

            I particularly enjoy fantasy books.  I am excited to see this author's books published.  We are very happy to welcome this multi talented writer to our two houses.  Thank you Denyse Bridger for this very interesting look into you as an individual and a writer.  


  1. Hi Denyse,
    I am going to try to leave a comment again. Foxfire thought I shouldn't. So I had to switch to Explorer. What a great interview. I learned quite a bit and I know I need the Publishing Etiquite book.

    Good luck on all your endeavors.

  2. Good evening Miss Denyse. Very classy interview as usual for you! I think I will likely need that Publishing Etiquette as well. Congratulations!

  3. Thank you so much, ladies. Lovely to see you both, and who knows? Maybe I will publish the book when it's done?? Or someone will want to publish it!!

  4. Congratulations on your new contracts, Denyse. It was fun to learn about you.

  5. Huge congratulations. Best luck with the new venture!


  6. Thank you, Victoria, and Rose - so nice of you to stop in! I'm delighted to be with Crimson and Midnight Frost and excited to get to work on creating some wonderful new books!!

  7. Wonderful interview. I also love 2 of your favourite movies- Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon - Bogart is perfect.

  8. Congratulations on your new contracts. What a lovely word - contract. ;-) Yes, ideas for characters and plots are everywhere. I get a little "ping" and know that a story is coming to me.