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What made you want to write?    
I don't think there was a particular person or event. I have a vivid imagination, stories and characters constantly run through my head. I am happiest when I'm writing. It is the best career choice I ever made.  
How long have you been writing fiction?  
When I was nineteen I decided I would like to write romantic fiction as I was and still am an avid reader of the romantic genre. I took a writing course which I completed but decided to go to university and my career took off in another direction. I married young whilst I was at university and needed to work as soon as I graduated. My first job was a supervisor in a hospital medical records department.
When I had my children almost ten years later I stayed at home to look after them and my mum who was chronically ill. I started writing again as way of getting a little 'me' time. I wrote a regency historical and a contemporary romantic novel which I submitted to the leading romantic publisher of the time but neither was successful. I didn't realize then writers have to see rejection as a beginning not an end. I picked up my career, this time in service improvement for a cancer network. My job role involved long hours and lots of travelling. I had to abandon my writing plans.
 My career abruptly ended when I became ill and was no longer able to drive. Once I regained my health I decided to use my unexpected unemployment as an opportunity. I started to write again in 2012 determined this time I would achieve my goal of becoming a published author. 
Do you write anything else?  
I am concentrating on fiction at the moment. Writing a book again has been a steep learning curve. I spent my career writing reports, proposals and recommendations now I want to concentrate on stories and characters. 
 What is your preferred genre and why?  
I have three. Paranormal and Suspense and Historical.
Paranormal stories appeal because they're so varied and interesting. Normal rules of human society don't apply. This means they are exciting and frightening to read and write.
I love romantic suspense. Where the hero and heroine have to outwit the antagonist. The romance counteracts the evil and makes the story’s outcome more worthwhile and important.
Historical. I love reading regency romance definitely my favorite time period. The glamour and courtly behavior is appealing especially when set against the background of the Napoleonic wars and Industrialization. 
What is your muse?  
Nature and the natural world where I can relax. I do my best plotting and character making when I'm walking Jazz, my beautiful dog in the countryside.  

What other interests do you have?    
 Reading all genres but particularly romance, thrillers and some women's fiction.
 I like non- fiction reading about animals, conservation and interior design.
 I actively promote animal welfare.
 I love walking in the countryside. Cooking. Gardening.  
What type of music do you like?  
I love music especially when doing housework which I dislike.
I have eclectic tastes from Sinatra to Hip Hop, it depends on my mood.   
Have you ever had an incredible vacation you will never forget?  If so, tell us about it.  
My favorite holidays involve walking and beautiful views. I'm not really a sit on the beach and soak up the sun person. I've had lots of lovely holidays in the English Lake District where 'The Dragon Legacy ' is set. It is an inspirational place so wild and beautiful.
 I visited the area around Lake Garda in Italy once and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Lakes and sunshine nirvana.  
What are some of your favorite movies or books?   
I read far more books than I see movies. So that's easy. Anything by Nora Roberts and Stephanie Laurens. I also like Miranda Lee and Emma Darcy. I love Charlene Harris and my favorite new author is Lindsey J Pryor, the creator of the 'Blackthorn 'series.
Films -The last one I saw was Batman which was great. I love the 70s, 80s and 90s classics Officer and Gentleman. Top Gun, Dirty Dancing. Saturday Night Fever. Grease. Titanic. Bridget Jones. Love Actually, Four Weddings and A Funeral. 
Is there anything else you would like your audience to know about you? What makes you special?   
To me reading is the best form of escapism. Reading one of my books should take you to another dimension where you can enjoy the thrills without any consequences.
 I am an optimistic woman who always sees the best in every person and situation. I am so excited to be starting a new career at 51. The people I've met on my current writing journey have been interesting and supportive. I'm glad I was brave enough to start again.
What is your next book and when do you expect it to be published?  
The Dragon Legacy' - a sensual paranormal romance. I have no date as yet but I hope very soon. I am about to write Zane and Jasmine's story as the next chapter of 'The Dragon Legacy' I am currently finishing my romantic suspense novel 'The Dangerous Gift' and a novella 'The Sentinel' which is paranormal.  
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  1. Huge congrats!!! So happy for you. And thank you for sharing more about yourself. Loved the interview. Looking forward to lots more titles from you. ;-)

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I appreciate your support and encouragement. :-)

  2. Congratulations mum, so proud of you! xo

    1. Thanks Megan.So excited x

  3. Nice to meet you, Jane. So glad your career of choice is finally coming to the fore. Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Congratulation for the career you have selected, Wish you Good Luck.

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