Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shades of Rose Drops by.

Please welcome our very own PR person Viari Rose, from Shades of Rose. She was gracious enough to pop by to answer a few questions.

Thank you, Viari, and welcome.  

What made you pick the name Shades of Rose Marketing?

When Tamaria and Viari were talking about a tour company, the name was already firm in Tamaria’s mind.  Which of course is part of Viari Rose’s name, it was the perfect name and shows all the aspects of what we do. We named our tour packages after different colors of roses to keep with that feel.

2. What's the one thing you wish authors would know before contacting you for a tour?
We would like them to know that we book our tours at least a month in advance. 

3. How did you come to the decision to start Shades of Rose?

Viari Rose is a book blogger, reviewer, and graphic designer, therefore as a tour host herself, she knew exactly how she would want to be treated, and how she would do want it done from a blogger’s perspective. Tamaria Soana is an author, and as such she knew how she would want to be treated as well as what would work best.

These two then set out to make it host and author friendly, the simplest way for a book to tour, an author goes through enough stress during the release of a book, we wished to make it as stress free as we could.

4. What's the one tip you'd share with authors in regards to building your reader base.
Promo, promo, promo. 

5. Do you have any sales or specials coming up you'd like to share with our readers?
Our one year anniversary is coming up in May and we choose to kick it off with a sale. For the month of May if you book any ten stop Red Rose tour, you will receive a free 5 stop tour to use at any time you would like during the year.  

6. What's in the future for Shades of Rose? Anything exciting happening this year?
Shades of Rose has really expanded this year and a lot of things are happening, we’re getting ready to open an eBook store, we’re opening to publishers and authors in May, and full opening in June, you can email for more info. Our graphic and trailer site Shades of Rose Productions is well in the swing of things.

7. How can readers and authors get a hold of you?
You can email us at, follow us on twitter and facebook.

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