Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cover me with beauty!

What attracts your eye?  What draws you in?  Is it colors, actions, sexiness, alluring figures or scenes, mysterious or something which makes us question what it is and why it would be? 

All of these themes and more catch our eye, interest us.  The first thing we notice in our friends and our love interests is how they look or sound.  If we can't see them, it's how they sound.  Their name is powerful!  Names are really important in everything.  And if our parents did not select our name exactly right, we need to adjust our names as we develop who we are.  And most people do.  It labels you, it is you. 

Like isn't Great Britain, Great.  Isn't the United State's, United?  I'm killing my brain to think of what to say about our cousin, Canada.  Canada's cool!  :)  Just examples of names and there are many more such as these which demonstrate my point.  Names have history too and history is power.  History demands respect.  Thus, these principals are true too regarding book titles. The title should speak volumes.  At least we hope it does. 

A book title is a captivating way to draw in a reader.  It catches you!  The title should flow off the lips and stick in the mind. 
Yes, of course, absolutely what is under the cover is the most important and has the most lasting influence. 

Check out the one you love. I'm sure he or she looks good, at least they did at one time or at times.   :)  But, it is not his or her looks that keeps your interests.  Nevertheless, when we pick others we wish to be surrounded by, we look at them first, and hear them.  We say their name, it stays in our mind. 

These elements are true when a reader selects a book.  Thus, the author must think hard about his chosen title.  They should say it over and over again in their mind, and see if it has the desired impact.  The graphic artist and the author should seek the images which advertise the treasure inside the cover.  I believe this is a combined effort needing both artists, the author and graphic designer.  If the cover and the title does not appeal the book may never be read.  I can't tell you how many times I have bought a book simple because of the cover. 

The cover or the banner on a web site is essential to present the full package to allure the audience.  Sometimes it has a shock factor.  Shocked?  Got your attention! Huh? It must say, hey, here we are, we are all this and more, open us up, pull up a chair and get to know us.    Find out what's inside.  Bet you want to?  LOL  

So, when you shop for something, look it over, listen to how it sounds to you.  Authors expect this when your publisher packages your book.  Because all of these above stated principals are true and part of human nature.  And our nature draws us to things we like. 

Have fun hunting for books and other desirable things.  Use your senses and they should lead the way.  Oh, it is always good to smell good too.  But books, especially ebooks are without scent, so far.  Hey, an idea! 
Ciara Lake

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