Saturday, 13 April 2013


      Do you  really appreciate works of art?  Have you spent time in a museum admiring a piece of art, either a painting, a drawing or a statue?  Or have you admired a building and it's architecture?  I have and I admire art everyday.  

      In fact, I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the Louvre In Paris, France, the statute of David in Florence, Italy.  The White House (I got to see inside too!) and the Capital building in Washington DC, wonderful examples of architectural art.  The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, The Confederation Bridge extending from Prince Edward's Island to New Brunswick.  They are truly magnificent.  Also, the Vatican, In Vatican City, this religious hub has all forms of art created by man in his celebration of God, even music.  Have you ever appreciated a Gregorian chant? 

         And that brings us to music.  Most of us live with music every day. It fills us with its perfectly arranged sounds which bring us joy.   Is that song you heard this morning still in your head?  It could be.  Music influences us in all ways.  I think a good story is the same. Strings of words put into sentences, which develop into a remarkable tale, stick in our brains sometimes all day long or longer. Many of us even dream of what we read. 

         I have been to many museums and other historic places which stood or remain as a demonstration of man's ability to create beauty.  Even some works of art, which seem to have mistakes about them, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, are incredible.  Do we really want it to stand up straight now? 

     I've read literature and other writings, which show human's artistic talents. Some of the greatest works have had mistakes or written in an odd fashion. When looking at art, keep an open mind.  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In my opinion, the creativity and personality within us all, is the spark of the divine within our souls.  This is one of the many things which separate us from the animals around us.  We can create. 

       In my mind, good books, articles and all well written work are works of art.  The written word can create such imagery which it stimulates our minds just as a gorgeous painting would.  The story lines can be woven together with layers and textures of personalities similar to a landscape or cityscape.  The delving into the character's personalities can be as if truly appreciating a portrait.  To me writing is like painting, sculpting, or making music.  I love the way the words come together and explode to life in our brains when read.  Become an artist of the word too.  Put your dreams to print.  And if you do, we welcome you to submit your work to Crimson Frost Publishing or Midnight Frost Publishing.  Our talented staff can help you foster your artist talents and polish your art for publication. 

Write because you love to.

Thanks for listening,

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