Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Intimate Strangers

Welcome to the beautiful island of Pelican Cay, a destination for lovers. Tropical breezes and crashing waves intensify emotions and heighten passion. Visitors come to escape only to discover who they are in the bargain. Seemingly solid destinies crumble like sandcastles on the shore and are transformed anew with an exotic flavor that’s both utterly captivating and unforgettable.
In book one of the Pelican Cay series, Intimate Strangers, Mac and Kate charter a fishing boat for the day and find their world turned upside down.
Can she ever forgive herself? Will she ever forget him?

When newly engaged couple, Mac and Kate take a celebratory fishing trip off the island of Pelican Cay, they never dream their romantic bliss is in jeopardy.

What happens will test Kate in ways she never saw coming, make her question what she understands about her own heart, and lead her into the arms of another man.

This exciting short story has it all; romance, terror, passion, betrayal, and a happy ending, of course, but perhaps not the one you'd expect.
We also meet two of the characters in the next Pelican Cay story, Tarnished Hero.
Falling for Hero is easy. Forgetting he was her mother's lover? Impossible.

When Danica Strauss catches sexy Hero Hernandez stepping out of her mother's shower, their instant and intense attraction is most unwelcome.

The quintessential cougar, Margarite Strauss won't be denied when she wants something...or someone. That is, not until her daughter flies home unexpectedly and pulls her boy toy right out of her arms. Emotions run hot. Passions run even hotter.

Will Dani be able to accept what can't be changed and give her heart to Hero?

All of these characters are real, normal people with flaws and fears, hopes and dreams. But planned or not, life happens, humans are tested and, like sea-birds caught in a storm, they’re sometimes forced to fly to unfamiliar shores. What they take away from the experience, and find in the bargain, will be entirely up to them.

Tarnished Hero will be followed by a third Pelican Cay story, Dark Storms. Adriana and Gabe will weather a fierce hurricane and find love amidst the chaos and debris.

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