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What made you want to write? 
Since I was a young child life held always surprises for me, some were good, most were bad. Stories written on their own, from life itself. 
Within the last years I have lost a lot of people of young ages and old, people I cared for and others I wished they were well to take care of their families, but life has written its own path and leads us were it may. I lost two friends within 2012 one from cancer and one from a 
virus, that had befallen upon us in that year, each left one or two 
children behind. We were friends and had shared many difficulties in 
life, but it wasn’t only that, I felt with their deaths, my own 
mortality slowly being lost, because of health problems I dealt with at that same time and I came to a realization, there is no better time, 
than the present to begin writing my stories, I had thought about it 
for years, so I decided this was a good time as any other would have 
I always wanted to write stories that could make people get scared, 
cry, laugh, love, so when these two friends were gone, I wanted to 
write about new chances. I wanted to dream of happy lives and happy 
endings, my hobby in reading for life on other planets and researching for planets with similar atmosphere to ours, I united my idea of life
 upon other planets and our current situation of life within Greece, as well a future possibility of life and came up with THE PRADORIAN MATE.
This is how my first complete story came to be born, but I have many 
more stories to write, stories that will make people laugh or cry, 
depending upon each person’s personal views and life experiences, 
stories that might terrify others or make others question things they
 have been through in life themselves. I believe and always have that 
we are all on this world with a purpose in life and I suppose mine is 
to write stories and at the same time explain my views of our world, in a different way, one of those different views of life, is expressed 
THE PRADORIAN MATE. Being given second chances, without being given the choice of what that second chance would be, what would we do? How 
would we react? What could be the outcome? These are questions and 
possibilities THE PRADORIAN MATE, presents. Is progress within 
technology and science, always for the benefit of the world or could it prove destructive for future generations? More questions for you to 
answer and end to your own conclusions.
In simple answering your question, life itself is the reason, I want to write and have stories to tell, things unexplained yet or 
undiscovered, possibilities far beyond our knowledge and understanding, all of the above inspire me to write and will keep me going on writing.

How long have you been writing fiction?
I began writing small fiction stories since I was of the age of thirty, but for some reason was never able to complete them, yet somehow this suddenly changed twelve years later, because the world seemed to change and my stories began to form complete in my mind, so now fiction and 
life don’t seem to be that far away from each other anymore, not that 
they are the same thing but the horizon of possibility is there, new 
worlds are there and now my fiction stories have a flow, they have a 
pattern and in some ways I would even dare say, they make more sense 
now, in this age and time.

Do you write anything else?
I always enjoyed writing fiction stories, to defer from that doesn't
 make sense to me at the present. I would not exclude though of writing about something totally different in the future, I am always open to new stories, to stories more down to earth, closer to the realistic realm, not so far traveled as fiction, this though could come with age.
What is your preferred genre and why?
I like fiction-suspense-adventure-romance, the reason I like this 
genre’s is because it gives me a world of opportunity to create and 
write but at the same time to question and explore. 
Fiction- may sound far fetched but it is very close to our world and 
our present life, with the new discoveries we have made up till now of new planets and worlds and the hope to discover new worlds one day and new life forms, the possibilities are endless.
Suspense- is something most of us go through life at one point or 
another, when we are faced with something we cannot explain how it 
happened to us or why and we struggle to find answers to it or solve it before it destroys us that too is not far from our present worlds 
Adventure- well either we have a small safe adventure or a great one, 
life threatening adventure, it is not something far from our world or 
reality, so this connection makes me also like this aspect of life and the possibilities opening ahead of us, within a story.
Romance- well I cannot imagine life without it, human life always had 
romance in its history and I consider this shared moments between two 
people, unique, beautiful, special, creative or destructive depending 
on everyone’s experiences, this is also part of our world’s reality, so I could not ignore it or avoid using it within my characters existence, as I believe it is one of the most natural and special moments in 
each persons life, to love and be loved. Some of us are that lucky at 
least once in our lifetime and others of us are meant to be patient for it, as it will always appear in our lives in its own form, for each 
and every one of us. Romance is as limitless as our spirits within this world and beyond, as love never dies but we always carry it within us like an endless glowing light.

What is your muse?

That is the easiest question to answer, Life of course and the 
mysteries it holds, within it.

What other interests do you have?
Art, I am a fan of surrealistic paintings such as Orlic and “Magical
 realism” such as Iannis Nikou a unique Greek Artist of this time and 
age, recognized within Europe, that I had the amazing luck to view 
their work from up close and admire their creations and inspiring 
What type of music do you like?
Music, also is one of my great loves, as it touches the soul and 
travels the mind, I am open to most musicians but my main preference 
would be New age music, especially melody without lyrics.

Have you ever had an incredible vacation  you will never forget? If so, tell us 
about it.
Honestly I don’t know if you will consider this an incredible vacation or a truly funny one, but here is one part of its happenings, within my two weeks vacation, back than in 1995.
At the age of 25, I traveled at the island of Mykonos on my own, to visit a relative. The excitement of the trip was there, building with the fresh sea air touching my face as I stood on the deck, watching the island growing closer.
When I arrived, the soft colors of white and blue contrast upon the 
small houses and tiny Kaikia (small boats), characterizing this island were the first thing that drew me to it. The small windmills standing 
still, the voices that reached my ears from the shopkeepers, beyond the pavement laid streets and the children playing before the small harbor. The summer sun high in the sky, burning hot and blue and white boats rocking playfully, with the soft splashing of the water upon them, as 
they remained tightly held in place by thick ropes. Everything seemed 
so beautiful, so inspirational the expectation of a great vacation was building impatiently within my mind.
I visited my cousin and began exploring the island, at one of my walks amongst the pavement streets, I was told of a beautiful hidden beach 
called Paradise. I decided to visit it. 
The sea water was clear blue and welcoming, the day was hot and I 
looked forward in taking a long swim within those crystal blue waters. I walked carefully down the rocks of the small mountain, descending carefully through the rocky terrain, down to the white sandy beach. I 
wasn’t really looking around me till, I reached the bottom of the mountain and than I saw it. There were others there, enjoying and admiring 
the beach as I did, the only difference between them and myself was 
that I was wearing a swimming suit, were as they were as naked as a new born babe.
Although I must admit the hidden beach, was a truly unique sight of 
soft sand and blue lagoon waters, I most certainly will not forget, the shocked faces of the people there when they came up to me, asking me 
why was I dressed?
Of course they informed me, that if I wanted to stay there, I should 
get undressed as they were. I must admit that was an experience I will 
never forget and will always remember Mykonos with laughter and 
What are some of your favorite movies or 

When I was young I liked the great classic GONE WITH THE WIND, later I liked movies like SHE IS ALIVE, BACK TO THE FUTURE, JOURNEY TO THE 
CENTER OF THE EARTH, INDEPENDENCE DAY, CONTACT, TWILIGHT SERIES, AVATAR actually that was one of my favorites and there are so many others that it would take me a lot of pages to mention, so I will have to say
 most of the movies that have history, ancient history, romance, 
fiction, fantasy, adventure, comedy, action and some psychological thrillers have been my favorites.
As for books, romance, fiction, mystery, suspense, I enjoy them very 
much and prefer them, to everything else.

Is there anything else you would like your audience to know about you?
Yes if they read my stories they will find that within them, I always 
share a sense of truth, a description of the power within the human 
spirit and a strong believe, that no matter were our lives will take 
us, we will never seize to survive and exist.
This is a strong belief of mine and I wished to share it with my 
What makes you special?
My belief is that every human born in this world is special, so based 
on that belief, I consider myself equally special as any other human in this world.
Everyone of us has something to offer, something to create, something 
to say, something to do, I am just one amongst billions others special people that would like to contribute in a small way, to my kind, 
writing some stories and making people laugh, enjoy, forget or 
remember, it makes no difference what my stories give to each person 
that reads them, as long, as they are left with the feeling that they 
have gained something from them, whatever that may be.

What is your next book and when do you expect it to be published with us?
I am working on two stories at the present, a) is a fiction suspense 
psychological thriller, b) is a continuation of THE PRADORIAN MATE
focusing on the lives and relationship of Orora and Dar. 
The Pradorian Mate story I mentioned above, I expect to be finished in 2015. 
Tell us about your upcoming book. 

(The temptation)
Life had never been kinder to Orora, when it gave her the opportunity 
to live again, even within this remote alien world of Prador. She had 
managed to survive within this world and do things she had never 
believed them to be possible. She had gained the will to live once more and to be with someone special and gain his love in return. Yet the 
past could not be erased from her mind, as it came back to haunt her 
dreams, in the dark hours of the night. One thought seemed to gain 
ground with every passing living day upon Prador and that was nothing 
ells, than revenge or at least that is what she told herself, when she hid in Dar’s space-ship….
Dar a powerful Pradorian warrior amongst his world, as the second in 
command within the Prador paladium and a leader of Prador warriors, his sense of duty to his leader and his men, always came first in his mind. He wasn’t able though to ignore the persistent presence of his 
beautiful mate intruding in his every awaken thought. He tried to keep his distance from her, hoping beyond hope that his growing attraction 
for her, would somehow subside. So when the council presented him with a new assignment taking him far away from Orora, he didn't hesitate to accept. Only to discover to his annoyance, that the woman he was trying to escape from, was on board his ship and determined to follow him….. 


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