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How long have you been an artist and more specifically a cover artist?  What type of books do you like to cover best?  
I created my graphic design company SuzieDesigns in 2009 and since then I have been creating book covers and book trailer for authors. In 2012, I expanded my graphic design service to small and mid-size corporations.  I don’t have a preference when it comes to designing a book cover, I do all fiction and non-fiction book covers.
What made you decide to be an artist? 
 I fell in love with graphic design and found that I have a talent in that field, and in understanding the entertainment market.  So, to pursue my dream and be a professional graphic designer, I decided to join in 2011 ‘The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’ to pursue my degree in graphic design.
Are you an author too? Tell us about some of your books, where can we get them?  If not tell us about your other creative talents. 
I do wear many hats. I am an author and my new release ‘Insatiable Hunger’ Book One in Vrykolakas the other Kin Series, you can find it at MuseitUp Publishing . My website is at www.suzannahsafi.com  where you will find all my books and short stories. I write sizzling romance novels and short stories, they vary between contemporary and paranormal romance
In addition, I publish a quarterly magazine to promote authors and myself to readers who are interested in all fiction genres.  You can find it here at Cocktails Fiction and Gossip Magazine.
 Do you have favorite authors?  Who and why do you like their work especially?  
Lisa Kleypas is my favorite author. I read her historical novels, however, I didn’t read her contemporary ones yet.  
Kresley Cole is my favorite author as well in the paranormal genre. 
What do you do in the time you are not writing, editing, or making cover art for fun or for any other career you may have?
  I have limited time for myself, but for sure, I use my free time to play with my three cats, and oh boy, they are so spoiled and need attention all the time. And of course not to forget, the biggest baby of them all, my beloved husband…lol. Although, he also has his own business to run and he is busy, still he and I spend quality time together and the kids ’cats’. I love animals and rescued many in the last couple of years. Therefore, I encourage all readers to be kind, rescue any animal in need, and be active.
I do read one book a month since I am handling my own business as a full time, beside my other activities like writing, and promoting. I used to read two or three a month but unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to read as much as I want now, but still I watch lots of movies and read few good novels.

What do you enjoy reading?
All romance genres for sure. There is lots of hate in this world and I write about love to spread some peace and love to my readers, and help their relationships to be better. 75% of romance readers find that reading romance help their relationships to the better, a statistic I found at RT  http://www.rtbookreviews.com/ 
 What movies or music do you enjoy?
Oh, romance and horror movies are the best that I enjoy.  Music, it depends on my mood. 
 Tell us anything else about you which may be of interest to our readers.  I am sure there are a lot of things.  Tell us something. 
I love traveling and many of my stories are inspired by events or something I learned from a stranger about another person or event. Also, my stories come sometimes from a dream I had, and I wake up and write them. Of course, the rest of the events in the story just come to me as I write it.
It is like watching a movie or even being in that movie. I want to share with readers that writing is a talent that we authors are blessed with such talent. The joy we get from writing is just amazing; it is like living another life that is completely different from the one you live in.
As a reader, I enjoy being in the story experiencing what the characters are feeling and living. But for us writers it is more than living those events, we amuse ourselves sometimes that our active brain came up with such events and that is priceless.  And that reminds me of my designs when I come up with a design that wows readers and authors and leads readers to buy a book that, to me is a joy.        
Thank you so much for having me here and I welcome any questions from readers. My graphic design website is at www.design.suzannahsafi.com . 
God bless you all. 
Suzannah Safi
We love Suzannah's work.  Please take the time to look over the sites she has listed, it will be well worth your time and you will see her terrific talent we are blessed to have access to. 
We appreciate Suzannah and what she does. 
God bless you, Suzannah!  Thanks for sharing your talents with our house!
Celeste and Patricia
Ps.  I love my black cat too and my dogs.  :)  C.
In the future, our Publishing house has plans to donate to certain charities.  We will announce details soon.  Some of the charities will be ones dealing with animals.  If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to email us.  We love to hear from our readers. 
 We too encourage people to help others and strengthen our future as a civilization.  Animals in need is an excellent why to contribute to the goodwill of our world.  The little critters depend on us as stewards of this planet.  
Also, and more importantly, volunteering to help children who are our direct legacy, is a wonderful gift to our society.  Take the time to think on how we can all help this world, we share! All we do is appreciated by those who depend on us! 

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