Sunday, 28 July 2013


Hello and welcome.   
Thank you for giving me a moment to talk about me and the house.
How long have you been publisher, editor. author?
I started as an author a few years back, close to seven years, then gradually worked my up the ranks, expanding my skills and interests to become an editor, author liason, promotional consultant and finally a publisher.

What made you decide on your career?  
My career actual chose me. When I was little I was always writing, building worlds in my head and putting them onto paper. Used to drive my grandmother nuts, but my English teacher loved it. For me it was a way of dealing with my life, facing and working out problems and challenges. As time passed, I just let myself go and when someone said why not try to get published I figured what the hey - gave it a shot and never once looked back.

Tell us about some of your books, where can we get them?
lol, we could be here for a long, long time. I've got over twenty books out with a multitude of publishers, in several different genres. I write what feels right at the moment, paranormal, historical (one of my favorites), contemporary, m/m - not all under my real name. Some are written under my pen name Elise Whyles. You can check out more about me on my website - there's a handy link to my alter ego's website on there as well.   If not tell us about your other creative talents.  I crochet, garden, ride horses

Do you have favorite authors? 
I do have a few favorites, but it depends on my mood, on what I'm wanting to read. Who and why do you like their work especially?  

What do you do in the time you are not writing, editing, or publishing for fun or for any other career you may have?
 I work in the hotel industry for a day job which is a bit challenging, as well I crochet, read. Whatever strikes me I'll do it.

What do you enjoy reading?
Everything but horror - I read voraciously. Yes, most of the time its a romance but the genre doesn't really matter as long as my interest is held.

Tell us about your hobbies or activities you enjoy doing with your family or friends? 
I love travelling. We routinely for a drive, see new places, just have some quality down time. It helps to recharge the creative juices and erase any distance between us.

What movies or music do you enjoy?
 I love westerns - not so much the newer stuff but the oldies like John Wayne, Dean Martin, romances, historical movies, foreign films are good to.

Tell us anything else about you which may be of interest to our readers. 
I am sure there are a lot of things.  Tell us something.  I do things in cycles. What may interest me today won't interest me tomorrow - because of this I often times will binge on things, like eating chocolate, or reading the same author over and over again.

For me, this industry is something that has allowed us as authors to share our visions, our abilities to spin tales. I hope our readers and authors enjoy their stay!
Thanks for reading,
Patricia Bates, Co-Publisher and Everything which is needed Specialist!

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