Tuesday, 30 July 2013


What made me want to write?
I can vividly recall, creating stories and acting them out from a very young age with my siblings as though we were on stage. The moment I knew I wanted to be a writer was when at the age of twelve I picked up a Nora Roberts book and after reading it, I changed.  Something wonderful happened. I felt a very strong passion to write. I will never forget that sensation of, wow, I too want to invent fictional worlds where readers get so immersed in the story that they forget they are reading a book. I wanted to create characters who readers not only fell in love with but cared about too and whose story stayed with them long after they finished the book.
How long have I been writing fiction?
 I always joke about being born with a pen and notepad in my hand, so I guess you could say I’ve practically been writing since birth. Joking apart, I started writing seriously from the age of sixteen. I penned a screenplay, a collection of short stories and a novella, all of which were published by our local library. At the time, they were running a scheme to help new authors to get their work out there.
I do write other stuff too. I’ve entered the Rocliffe Bafta writing competition several times. Although I didn’t final, I got great critiques which spurred me on to then enter a screenplay into the Nicholl fellowship award. I didn’t final in that, but for me it wasn’t about winning, it was about the experience. It was all a learning curve for me. I wanted to become a better and a stronger writer. I love taking part in competitions or pitch sessions because not only do you meet wonderful fellow writers but you also get a buzz from the excitement which surrounds these writing events.
My preferred genre is, without a doubt, romance!!! I eat, sleep and drink romance! Anything I have ever written has always had romance running through it. Romance is the axel my stories spin on. Why? I just love the word romance. It conjures up in my mind, love, conflict, incredibly sexy heroes, sassy feisty heroines, mind blowing chemistry and of course a satisfying resolution at the end of the characters conflict ridden journey.
My ideas, regarding characters and plots can come from anywhere. I can be walking around town and spot something as simple as someone serving a customer in a shop and my two favorite words will pop into my head, “what if...”
My muse has to be music. It has been a great source of inspiration with regards to my writing. I love music with deep meaningful lyrics. Music can be so soul cleansing and moving.
What other interests do I have? 
 I enjoy reading and gardening, not simultaneously, now that would be challenging! I absolutely love the theatre! Going to see favorite singers in concert is another love of mine.
I enjoy all types of music. I have what you might call a very eclectic taste when it comes to music. If it sounds good, then I’ll become an instant fan! I’m loving Spanish music at the moment. I wonder why, Feliciano? ;)     
I do like to dance with both of my left feet! Ballroom and Latin dances are my favorite but I’m better at watching than taking part! I have always loved ballet. It is such a beautiful and graceful art form.
My favorite movies and books... I love Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice, as both, books and movies. I cannot talk about favorite movies and not mention Singing In The Rain, such a classic. I also love reading quotes. I find them fascinating, inspiring and extremely motivational.
What else would I like my readers to know about me?
 I love jokes. I love being told them as well as telling them. There is nothing better than a good dose of laughter sometimes. I’m very impulsive. I’ll often act first then think later! Competitions for example, there have been times when I’ve submitted pitches without a completed manuscript then tried to put one together as fast as possible. I suppose it could be seen as taking advantage of opportunities and not allowing them to slip past you. When you fiercely believe in a dream you will do almost anything to realise it.
You want me to tell you about my next book?
Well my first book being published by Crimson Frost is, Chara’s Song, due to be released in 2014. I’d like to use three words to describe my next book, sexy, revenge, intrigue.  
It's evident this author has an amorous soul.  She's fond of things which exude romance and love.  Her enjoyment of Spanish music, ballroom dancing, her classic choices in books, and her other preferred art forms are all romantic in nature.  Even the title to her book, Chara's Song in itself reminds me of romance and candlelight.  I am very excited to read what Calida Ally has penned.  We hope you are too!
Thanks for letting us have a peek into who you are and we are impressed,
Celeste, co-publisher

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