Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sensual Road to Paranormal Romance

Hello, I'm Zerlina Valinski, soon to have published The Legacy of the Redcape Women.  It will be coming out in October of 2013.  It is the teaser to The Witch and the Werewolf  which will follow shortly thereafter.  Both romantic tales will be published with Crimson Frost Books.

I'm excited to be a member of this publishing house.  My goal is to write journey's of sensual adventures into the realm of the paranormal.  Come take this road with me!

Here's a blurb to my upcoming teaser:
        Taisa Redcape grew up in foster care.  She's never known her family or its history.  Surprised by her unexpected inheritance, she travels to the Blue Ridge Mountains to claim what's hers. She's inherited a mansion with all of its contents, including a very special red cape.  Unbeknownst to her, the cape is to be her greatest treasure.
        On the way to her family's mansion, Tasia stops at the The Den, a roadside diner.  She meets Conall McKnight, a handsome and mysterious man.  He shows her the way up the mountain to her family home. 
        The first night in the house is an experience Tasia will never forget.  The night fills her with sensual pleasures in a lover’s arms. Yet she's frightened to her very core.  Confused, Tasia races into the forest from the house wearing her red cape.  
         In this dark wood, beasts lurk. Will her red cape protect her?  Will it lead her to become prey?  Or will it reveal the one she has been searching for, the man who will fulfill her as none have done before?

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  1. What an interesting picture and introduction to your new teaser story.
    As your graphic designer at CFB, I am so excited to create you book cover!