Sunday, 17 March 2013

Do you Crave Romance?

Most of us crave love and romance. I guess that's being human and it makes us special.   Reading romance is a great way to satisfy some of what we need to add to our joy and excitement in our often mundane lives.  Personally, I love to read adventures combined with romance.  I love fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction too.  Why stick with what we know, when the imagination is full of much more.  But for me, for a story to be great, there is a love interest somewhere along the way. It adds that layer to the story which makes it even better. In my opinion, there are never too many love stories or too many stories period.  

I find reading helps to reduce my stress.   I think reading keeps the mind active too, helping to keep us all sharper.  If you've never tried reading for fun as the simple solution to stress, perhaps you should take up reading more often.  Often I am disappointed with how life really goes, I'm sure we all have those moments, so I read a good book and escape.  And to read a story where there is a happy ending, at least for now, is a wonderful way to bring good feelings back. It can even make us less irritable to others; unless you're irritated because you want to get back to that great book. :).   Reading makes your outlook brighter.

In this world, when you go on vacation you can bring not just one book, but hundreds of books on a small and easy to carry device.  Also, if you run out of reading material, you can connect to the web while having coffee at a hot spot and down load another good read.  Wow, what a world, it must be science fiction.  :) Nope, it's now!

When I was a stay at home mother, for a brief time, I read every book I could get my hands on. Now that I work outside the home and I write, I don't have as much time for fun reading.  But I still do it from time to time.  For those who may have time or should make time, with ebooks now available, everyday can be a smorgasbord of good reading.  For most of us, a book is only a click away. 

Crimson Frost Book's goal is to supplement these excellent reading opportunities and for some, writing opportunities.  We would be honored if you try out our upcoming menu of great books, when we are up and running in May of 2013.  And if you're wanting to write, please submit, so we can share it with the world of hungry readers. I related this back to food.  I must be hungry!   So let me grab a good ebook and have a bite to eat.  Have a great day!

Happy Reading,
Ciara Lake

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